Hemma - Zu Hause


With my first exhibition in Berlin, “Hemma – Zu Hause”, I wanted to bring the visitor to places and situations where I feel at home. A rushing mountain brook, a crackling fire or, as in the title image, the undulating pasture land in Sörmland. Thoughts of where one feel at home are something that all of us who have emigrated encounter at some point. Because of that it felt especially fitting to have the exhibition at the Swedish Victoria congregation in Berlin, where many Scandinavians meet.

Hemma zu Hause – Victoriagemeinde in Berlin



With the second exhibition “Stadtteile” my focus was on my new home town Berlin. With long exposures and a special development technique, where I with “digital paint” revealed the motifs and let different well-known sites in the city come to light as in scenes from a dream.

Stadtteile examples

The exhibition was carried out in cooperation with Pension Peters, where we transformed their hotel foyer into a photo gallery for a few months. Both the visitors to the exhibition and the guests at the hotel were very positive – and I even got to be interviewed by a local electronic newspaper (in German):


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